Prof. George McLaughlin
George McLaughlin is the Director of International Developments for AARNet (Australia's Academic and Research Network). George has been instrumental in establishing international connectivity from Australia to the global R&E networks. Starting with an indefeasible right to use on dual 155Mbps circuits between Australia, Hawaii and the US West coast in 2001, to the recently announced dual 10Gbps circuits of SXTransPORT (Southern Cross Trans Pacific Optical Research Testbed).

George joined AARNet in 1995 initially overseeing the sale of AARNet's commercial customer base to Australia's major carrier, spawning what is today Telstra Bigpond. In 1997, he managed the process of establishing AARNet2, the second generation national ATM-based network connecting Australia's universities and research organisations, and is currently working as a member of a team implementing the multigigabit AARNet3.

He guided the establishment of AARNet Pty Ltd as a separate legal entity (with its own carrier licence) responsible for managing and developing the AARNet network; and has since been the driver for positioning AARNet as one of the leading research and education network organisations. He has served on various national and international committees associated with telecommunications and advanced networking and has been recognized for his contributions to advancing telecommunications in Australia as recipient in 2003 of both the Australian Telecommunications User Group (ATUG) Chairman's award and the Sir Ernest Fisk award.

George is a graduate of the former Royal Institute of Chemistry. He has worked in the chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, precious metal and information technology industries, has authored more than 50 research papers, and has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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