Ding Yihui
Prof. Ding Yihui is the adviser on Climate Change for China Meteorological Administration since 2001. He is well-known scientist in both China and world, with his wide knowledge and outstanding contributions to research and predicting of the Asian monsoon, heavy rainfalls in East Asian, typhoon formation over the West-Pacific, the climate change in China and development of regional climate models. In these areas, he has published more than 300 papers in the peer-reviewed Chinese and international profession journals. Contribution to organizing the international South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX) of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (1997-2001) and international GAME/HUBEX experiment of World Climate Research Program (WCRP) (1997-2001). And participation in the MONEX (Monsoon Experiment) in 1979 in the Indian Ocean and TOGA experiment over the tropical Pacific (1986-1994). During 1997-2001, he was a co-chair of Working Group 1 of IPCC.

He is now the member and officer of the Joint Scientific Committee of WCRP sponsored by WMO, ICSU and IOC/UNESCO.

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