1st Organizing Committee Meeting for APAN Honolulu Minute-draft

Participants: George Mc'laughlin /Co-chair
              Kazunori Konishi /Co-chair
      Y. Kitamura /Program chair
             DY Kim / ANF
      BK Kim /ANF
              Stella Shen /APAN-TW
      BK Joo / APAN Secretariat
              EJ Seo  / APAN Secretariat
              Jane Zhu  / APAN Secretariat
      Tang Chin Hooi  / APAN Secretariat                 
0.  Roll call

Registration Fee :  EJSeo explained current status about this.

        JT Tech regitration fee : $200 
APAN registration fee :   $200 (for general)
            $100 (for student)
        Late registraton        : +50  (after 2004.1.11)

       How's both registration fee ?
       Internet2 suggested their members pay $365
       ($200 for Jt Tech and $165 for APAN)
       There are three options to APAN members: 1) not discount              
                 2) - $ 35, same as Internet2
               3) - $ 50, as original plan
        For fairness and consider both site, same discount would be appropriate.
        Then, APAN Member's registration fee for both  is: $ 365
        ($165 for I2, and $200 for APAN)
   1-2. EJSeo questioned on 'the clarification of VIP or persons who are waived'
         -  Who will decide this?
         -  As chair's suggestion, APAN Secretariat will issue this to
            organizing committee and get permission from organizing committee.
         - APAN can use this for fellows
    1-3. Fellowship registration fee
          - Basically, Fellows will join Both Jt Tech and APAN Meetings
          - I2 will support 50% of registration fee and APAN will support
            another half.
 2. Fellowship/visa
        Mainly this meeting discussed about visa.
         - By now, the visa issue is not bright from US site.
          - EJ and Jane will group a mailing list for visa contact and
           get information from each countries' request.
 3. National contact for Honolulu Meeting participants
     - Konishi-san  suggested to have national contact for collecting the
       numbers of meeting participants from each country/economy.
     - ANF will discuss the proper responsible contact
     - APAN sec will ask the other members regarding this.

4. Meetings proposal and next meeting scheduling
     - Meeting related, at least program will be discussed in next meeting.
     - Next meeting was set on 2003.10.6(mon) 13:00~14:00 KST/JST
5. Meeting was adjourned at 1:50pm.